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Outreach Activities

Chronolog Repeat Photography Stations

In partnership with Kinsey Tedford (UVA PhD candidate) and Dr. Cora Johnston Baird (Director, VCR LTER), I developed a series of repeat photography stations along nature trails on the Eastern Shore of Virginia as a means of connecting the community with the LTER and local research. Stations are trained on specific landscape features, with the goal of documenting coastal change over time. Anyone enjoying the nature trails can contribute a photo, and these photos are automatically added to a timelapse. This form of science communication engages with the community while also generating a long-term dataset to be used by the LTER. 

Click above to read the LTER Network article about this project

Click above to view the 5 timelapses generated from our repeat photography sites

"For better or worse, invasive Phragmites is here to stay"

I was recently interviewed by the Bay Journal to discuss Phragmites invasion and my thoughts on whether it was a positive or negative addition to our local ecosystems. Check out the article for my opinions!


Photo Credit: Dave Harp

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